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Advanced Clinical Skin Care

Bio-Infusion Treatments utilize the technology of MicroCurrents. The toning facial re-educates the muscle and allows an immediate or "front end" result.

Iontophoresis is a non-invasive method for propelling high concentrations of a medication or bioactive-agent, transdermally by a repulsive electrolotive force using a small electrical charge.

The Bio-Infusion process begins with a layer of gauze that is saturated wtih your treatment product.  Over that we cover the face with a mask filled with micro-mode microcurrents that is sequenced by to work in harmony with the body's own natural electrical system.

65 minutes, $117

These are complete facials. Kanani Pearl reserves the right to refuse treatment if our aesthetician determines that your skin type is not appropriate for these facials.

Collagen Infusion Masque

A concentrated collagen masque that delivers essential collagen directly to the skin. Helps skin regain moisture, tone, and resiliency while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C Infusion Masque

This masque contains vitamin C, aloe vera, elastin and witch hazel extract to alleviate the effects of dry skin while firming, refining and smoothing the skin. Aloe vera effectively hydrates and heals skin.

Advanced Glycolics

This professional strength glycolic peel aims to address fine lines, acne, and hyper-pigmentation.  Facial includes a calming hydrating treatment mask which is amplified by the silver ion cloth which calms plus attracts and binds moisture in the skin.

All Glycolic Peels work best in a series and accompanied by home glycolic product use.

Series of 3/$330    6/$630

Active Enzyme Cleansing Peel

An alternative to AHAs, natural fruit enzymes/acids act as an exfoliation accelerator and powerful anti-oxidant. These pumpkin and cherry-bark enzymes from Naturopathica are an intense 15% and carry a very low pH so you can feel them "digest" dead cells from the superficial layer of the skin.

Series of 3/$330    6/$630


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Kanani Pearl Epicruen


Why Epicuren

Developed 30 years ago by successfully treating burn victims, Epicuren Enznymes are metabolically active with the skin.

They actually speed up the cellular activity so the dermis becomes self-rejuvenating. Do your own research online!

We know that in time your skin will tighten with more elasticity, and the tone will become consistent and healthier.

During your next facial ask your aesthetician about Epicuren.
We have free starter kits for you to try on your own.

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