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Spa Packages

The Perfect Day

$393 (gratuity included)   ...about 4 hours

This is a big promise, but we really deliver. This package is for the person who has everything, or for the one you want to give a "Best Day Ever." We have combined years of experience, our favorite spa treatments, and the finest products available to make this an experience of a lifetime. Our Spa Cuisine Lunch is catered by Whole Foods.

(Upgrade to Hot Stones  -  Add $23)


A quiet repose from ordinary reality, this half day experience offers treatments that allow the space for the mind/body/spirit to integrate and simply relax. You will return to the world refreshed with the perspectives only quietness offers.

$463 (gratuity included)   ...about 4.5  hours

Ultimate Wellness Experience

$375   ...about 3.5 hours

We have combined what we think are our two most healing therapies for a journey into your wellness.  Our Hawaiian Lomilomi massage with the deep-heat penetration of the Heated Stones warms the body to the core - relaxing the muscles, releasing tensions and toxins along the way. 

The Seaweed Experience is a five step process beginning with a steam to open the skin’s pores so the seaweeds nutrients can be received and the toxins from the massage can release.  The wrap brings wellness on many levels and leaves the skin feeling like a newborn.

Escape to Paradise

$315 (gratuity included)   about 2.5 hours

Escape to the islands with this head to toe indulgence. All of the pampering and beautifying elements of Kanani Pearl Spa rolled into one wonderful three hour experience.

All package treatments can be upgraded. Add Hot Stones or Advance Facial.

Customize your own package!

Pono Spa Package

  • One Hour Massage
  • Kanani Custom Facial
  • All Gratuities

$244 (gratuity included)    ...about 2 hours

Pono in Hawaiian means 'the true condition of nature.'  In terms of well-being, Pono is when the entire person - body, mind, and spirit - are in harmony.  True health as nature intended!  The first step in achieving this harmony is to relax.  This Massage/Facial package in our island boutique spa is intended to deeply relax the spirit to facilitate this harmonizing.

Body Renewal and Detox

$297 (gratuity included)   ... 2.5 hours

Languish in the soothing yet invigorating sensation of Endermologie. When used on a regular basis, Endermologie is the first FDA cleared device for cellulite reduction, but in a single session you will experience the effects equal to four hours of deep tissue massage. Endermologie uses rollers and gentle suction to deeply massage in a way that cannot be otherwise duplicated.

Benefits include increased circulation, collagen function is restored, toxins and water buildup is expelled, increases lymphatic and venous flow, and stimulates fat cells for lipolysis, or breakdown. Results are a greater sense of wellbeing and vitality.

The massage is followed by our cleansing steam bath and the application of Epicuren's Volcanic Clay Body mask that absorbs toxins while simultaneously delivering mineral nutrients which restore, hydrate, heal and soothe. Hawaiian Noni tightens and lifts the skin for a more youthful glow.

Healthy Aging Package

$445 (gratuity and light spa snack included)   ...3.5 hours

The extremely relaxing and restorative massage greatly increases microcirculation and stimulates fibroblasts that are the fundamental building elements of connective tissue. The green tea wrap balances and brings new life to your skin. The Epicuren facial treatment reverses the signs of aging and rejuvenates tired dull skin by infusing the skin with amino acids, trace minerals, propolis, vitamin A, C and E.

Island Dream

  • Your choice of Body Polish
  • Custom Express Facial

$231 (gratuity included)   ... 1.5 hours

Our Body Polishes are designed to resurface your skin, from head to toe, and restore the youthful glow and feel.

Speak to our Spa Director about creating your own custom spa package.

  • A 15% gratuity is added to custom packages.
  • We can accommodate small groups for wedding parties and such
  • The spa is centrally located in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon
  • Spa Cuisine lunch is available for $20. Please Let us know of any food allergies or dietary restrictions.
kanani pearl spa packages
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kanani pearl spa packages