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Kanani Pearl Day Spa is located at 1111 NW Marshall Street Portland, OR 97209 and offers a variety of massage and spa treatments based upon Hawaiian principles of healing and wellness. There are quite a few great places in our neighborhood for you to enjoy. Please feel free to browse a few of the local hot spots while planning your next Day Spa vacation.

Buddha Blends

Buddha Blends embraces the philosophy of bringing beauty and integrity to the process of personal refinement. Every product is hand-blended with utmost integrity. We use only the finest natural ingredients and no chemical additives. Our suppliers are equally conscious of ethical business practices. The results are formulas that are essentially different than mass-produced products on store and spa shelves.

Phone: (602) 996-1102
Email: buddhablends@hotmail.com
Web: www.buddhablends.com

Cloth & Goods

Cloth & Goods is an online store founded by Melissa Newirth, interior designer, stylist, and textile collector. Launched in the spring of 2012, the store represents Melissa's love for collecting vintage textiles and her belief that products can be made using traditional methods and developed into modern ideas. Her aesthetic values reflect the beauty of things in their simplest forms, which are sometimes unconventional or imperfect. The name for the company represents the essence of her aspiration to "keep it simple."

Phone: (808) 280-4336
Email: info@clothandgoods.com
Web: www.clothandgoods.com

Crossing The Threshold

My name is David Johnson. I live on the island of Maui in Hawaii, though I was born, raised and spent the first 40+ years of my life in the UK. In my late twenties I spent 7 years living in a Buddhist community studying meditation with a Tibetan Buddhist teacher. I use techniques that I have learnt studying Buddhism, coaching and in men’s work to help people gain confidence in themselves and in the lives that they wish to live. My niche area is working with the quieter folk. That includes the introverts, highly sensitive people, those who are shy, and those who whatever reason lean towards a quieter, more introspective way of life.

Phone: (808) 430-3778
Email: info@crossingthethreshold.net
Web: www.crossingthethreshold.net

Mana Lomi

Dr. Maka'ala Yates D.C., is a Kanaka Maoli (Hawaiian Ancestry) who specializes in Hawaiian medicine. His studies began at the age of 6. He has been teaching Hawaiian medicine and practices for 35 years. He is the founder of Mana Lomi®.and Indigenous Botanicals. Maka’ala received the Kaonohi Award in 2005 for his excellence in Hawaiian medicine and community support. He is author of "Na'auao Ola Hawaii:Hawaiian Practices and Principles of Being Well."

Phone: (602) 996-1102
Email: manalomi.my@gmail.com
Web: www.manalomi.com

"So tranquil and relaxing. This place is everything I imagine a day spa should be. Highly recommend!"
Alison Weinberg, Local Guide