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Portland Spa Services

In the spirit of healing and wellness

All massage spa treatments are performed in a lush setting of quiet tranquility, peacefully nurtured by the comforting sound of our four waterfalls. Kanani Pearl Spa is an urban, island retreat in the distinctive Pearl District of Portland, Oregon.



Mana Lomi* style is deep tissue, therapeutic, or gently relaxing, a traditional Hawaiian massage that connects the heart, mind, body and soul. This sacred healing art, passed down from generation to generation, utilizes rhythmic strokes integrating the use of forearms and elbows.

85 minutes $133

Hapai (pregnancy) Massage

Using a special body support system, this is a nurturing and relaxing massage, providing great care for the comfort of the mother in each stage of pregnancy.

60 minutes $103

Lomi’ili’ili (Hot Stones)

Hawaiian Hot Stone or “flat stones in motion,” is an ancient Hawaiian method of using hot stones to massage the body. Therapeutic, deeply penetrating, and so relaxing.

85 minutes $153

Ashiatsu Therapy

Ashiatsu is the deepest, most luxurious massage created by our therapist using her feet and body weight to give the deepest massage possible. We only provide this massage to people experienced in receiving massage. Ashiatsu is for people with chronic low and upper back pain, sciatica, and tight hamstrings.

85 minutes $153

Custom Massage

Our Custom massages may integrate techniques of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Lomilomi and others. Our intention is to help you attain your wellness goals.

60 minutes $103 | 85 minutes $133

Massage Extras

Add a Body Scrub to any massage.

30 minutes $62


Kanani Pearl Signature Facial

The ultimate in relaxation and results. Our custom facial designed for your skin needs. Nurturing foot and hand massage/treatments are aided by warmed booties and mittens.

75 minutes $129

Epicuren Classic Lifting Facial

An extraordinary enzymatic treatment is a series of four masks that improves clarity, elasticity, texture and overall health. An active facial that is not recommended for sensitive skin. Epicuren’s Metadermabolic Enzymes leave the skin soft, youthful and balanced. One of our most popular!

65 minutes $137

Custom Facial

Our experienced aestheticians create a facial tailored to your skin's needs with a sampling of the best of our skincare product lines. Customized to rehydrate and gently deep cleanse all skin types with the appropriate cleanser, exfoliant, masque and finishing creams

60 minutes $109

Epicuren Alpha Lipoic Anti-Aging Facial

Superior exfoliation with a gentle, hand applied micro-dermabrasion crème removes aging cells, followed by an Alpha Lipoic Omega Treatment Mask with botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Colostrum Serum* is sealed into the skin with a Silver Ion Mask which calms plus attracts and binds moisture in the skin.

65 minutes $129

Epicuren Microderm Facial

A micro-crystal exfoliation cream is applied then followed by a glycolic treatment to exfoliate epidermal cells and renew the texture of the skin. Fine lines, wrinkles, small scars and age spots are less noticeable. For best results, a series is recommended.

65 minutes $123

MicroCurrent Facial Therapy

As we age, the ability to regenerate new tissue slows as does the skin's natual moisturizing ability. Facial muscles slacken; skin loses its luster, and collagen and elastin production decrease.

MicroCurrent therapy is the ideal way to improve circulation through stimulating cellular metabolism. By improving skin and muscle tone, fine lines and wrinkles may be refined.

65 minutes $132 | Series of 6 $744 | Series of 12 $1452

Fire and Ice Peel

iS CLINICAL'S resurfacing masques enliven your skin.

30 minutes $78 | 60 minutes $119

Back Facial

In this treatment, the back is cleansed and exfoliated followed by extractions, a massage and a mask. Great for problematic skin.

60 minutes $109

Body Treatments

The Seaweed Experience

This indigenous body wrap using hand harvested seaweeds from the cold, clean Canadian Pacific and BC Glacial Clay is the basis for this Kanani Pearl exclusive. Due to the unique vitamin enrichment of organic Wild Seaweeds, this experience helps restore firmness to the skin, replenishes lost nutrients, and effectively removes accumulated toxins. Laminaria Seaweed Lotion is massaged to improve skin's elasticity, tone and moisturize with its powerful anti-oxidant properties.

This 5 step process includes steam, deep-pore cleansing exfoliation, body gel, wrap, and finishing lotion massage. While this wrap is effective for cellulite management, athletic recovery and inflammation relief, it makes for a truly fabulous spa experience. Your skin and soul will love it!

85 minutes $173 | 115 minutes $213

Green Tea and Ginger Sea Enzyme Body Mask

Epicuren's most balancing, restorative and invigorating enzyme wrap. Green tea reduces inflammation and contains antioxidants which protect against free radical skin damage. . Ginger stimulates circulation and promotes tightening of the tissues. Seaweed and sea clay provide essential minerals and hydration. The whole body is wrapped in cotton muslin and insulated blanket that facilitates this nourishing experience.

85 minutes $148 | 115 minutes $188

Volcanic Clay Purifying Wrap

This detoxifying dry volcanic clay wrap purifies, revitalizes and tightens the skin. Volcanic ash absorbs toxins. Chinese clay stimulates blood flow, exfoliates and cleanses. Botanical elixirs restore, hydrate, heal and soothe. Hawaiian Noni tightens and lifts the skin for a more youthful glow.

85 minutes $148 | 115 minutes $188

Island Espresso Mud Wrap

This organic mud wrap is enhanced with finely ground coffee Arabica to gently exfoliate, Indian tobacco to cleanse and draw out impurities and sarsaparilla, an anti-inflammatory herb, to clarify skin, plus shea butter to seal in moisture. You will leave feeling soft, supple, and truly refreshed.

75 minutes $148 | 105 minutes $188

Hydrating Coconut Body Polish

Deep sea salts blended with aromatic, nourishing coconut and macadamia nut oils exfoliate, soften and hydrate your skin.

60 minutes $123 | 90 minutes $163

Papaya Pineapple Body Polish

From the South Pacific to Portland, Oregon we bring you the ultimate body treatment. Your body is gently exfoliated with Epicuren papaya pineapple scrub leaving you supple and smooth. A heightened state of well being is stimulated by a massage of papaya enzyme lotion.

60 minutes $123 | 90 minutes $163

Papaya Pineapple Polish for Two

Shared Steam, Body Polish + Shared Shower + Hydration. Kanani Pearl is an intimate, boutique spa with very individualized services. All spa services are in separate rooms but shower and steam is shared. We make it a very special couple's experience.

60 minutes $283 | 90 minutes $375

Volcanic Clay Wrap for Two

Intimate Steam for 2 + Body Wrap + Shared Shower and Hydration. Kanani Pearl is an intimate, boutique spa with very individualized services. All spa services are in separate rooms but shower and steam is shared. We make it a very special couple's experience.

85 minutes $340 | 115 minutes $432


Kanani Pearl Waxing

Kanani Pearl Spa features waxing services designed to enhance the overall experience and reduce any discomfort you might experience.

Cirepil, known world over as one of the finest depilatory wax groups ever made, contains the anti-irritants, Titanium Dioxide and Jojoba. Cirepil is a low-temperature, 100% natural, depilatory wax product that is consistent, clean, and very comfortable for hair removal.

  • Full Leg $85
  • Half Leg $49
  • Eyebrow $21
  • Brow Shaping $21
  • Lip $12
  • Chin $16
  • Underarm $26
  • Bikini $36
  • French Bikini (very narrow bikini) $51
  • Brazilian $71
  • Full Back $76

Pre-Waxing Recommendations

Ideally hair growth should be approximately ¼ inch long (3-4 weeks of growth). We do not wax over sunburned or hyper-sensitive skin. Eyebrows which have not been maintained after the initial shaping may incur the cost of the of another shaping and design. Bikini area, chest and back may need additional time for trimming the hair prior to treatment and may incur an additional charge if this is necessary.

The hair grows in cycles. You will see longer lasting results if you are waxed regularly every 4-6 weeks. After about six waxing treatments, you will notice a significant difference in the length of time it takes for your hair to regrow. Additionally, over time the hair should become more silky and fine, rather than course and stubbly like after shaving.

Caution: Waxing skin while on medication may cause skin reactions or skin damage. It is imperative to tell your Esthetician about any medication you are currently taking or have taken within three months. We cannot perform waxing services on any clients using Accutane, Retina A, Renova, oral or topical drugs, prescriptive medications, Glycolic Acid or Vitamin A. It is recommended to discontinue use of these medications and/or products before having any waxing services for at least two months before waxing can be done in this area.

BEMER Therapy

BEMER: Bio-Electric, Magnetic, Energy Regulator

BEMER is designed to improve circulation and support the body's natural self-regulating processes. Blood is the body's universal means of transporting oxygen, nutrients, chemical messengers (e.g., hormones) and immune cells. When our body's cells, tissues and organs are adequately nourished and metabolic waste products are removed, our bodies become healthy and function properly. This optimal regulation of circulation is essential for ensuring good levels of health and fitness.

Learn more about BEMER.

Please contact me if you have questions or would like to set up a time to experience the BEMER.

Mary Ellen MacKay
Independent Bemer Distributor (IBD) #37015

Signature Kanani Pearl Experiences

It is our hope that through your time at our spa you will reconnect with yourself… that you will relax, rejuvenate and revitalize.

Spa experiences
"So tranquil and relaxing. This place is everything I imagine a day spa should be. Highly recommend!"
Alison Weinberg, Local Guide